A BUNCH of amateur actors are set to play a bunch of amateur actors in Ramsbury this month when the village drama group take to the stage in A Bunch of Amateurs.

Directed by Chris Perkins with a cast of eight, the drama tells the story of how washed up Hollywood leading man Jefferson Steel is fooled into thinking he is to play King Lear in Stratford.

Except it’s not the Stratford of the Bard but another less famous village in England with the same name.

Ian Hislop and Nick Newman’s script was also turned into a film with Burt Reynolds taking the role of Jefferson Steel although in this production the Hollywood star is played by Mark Davies.

For Mr Davies it will be his tenth year treading the boards in the village’s Memorial Hall with the Ravensbury Players – a troupe that has been bringing theatre to the village for more than 40 years.

The players stage two productions a year with an eclectic mix of musicals, classics, comedies and community shows.

“They know all the words already,” said Alison McFee who sorts costumes, “but not necessarily in the right order as yet. But it will be alright on the night as it always is. Tickets are selling fast because it’s a comedy and people may have seen the film so they know it.”

The play runs from the March 28-30, nightly at 7.45pm. Tickets online or from Ramsbury Post Office.