A BEAVER colony leader with 1st Malmesbury Scout Groups cheered on the last Beaver she will seeing gaining his Chief Scouts Award - an event that proved extra special because it was her youngest son, seven-year-old Edward Ranger-Walsh.

Gynnette Ranger-Walsh took on the Beavers in June 2016 and helped children gain the highest award, the Chief Scout Bronze Award. In January 2018, six youngsters, including her elder son Jack, were successful.

"My youngest has been very much on the journey with me, even before he was old enough to participate, he would come along to St. Mary’s Hall to watch the bigger children’always keen to join in," she said.

But it wasn’t until February 2017 that he officially joined the Beavers, determined to gain this top achievement too. He attended sleepovers, day camps, raft building sessions and much more. Finally Edward received his award from the District Commissioner at the We the Curious Museum in Bristol.