DEVIZES MP Claire Perry was left disappointed on Tuesday evening as the House of Commons overwhelmingly voted against Theresa May's latest Brexit deal.

Just hours before the vote was taken at 7pm on Tuesday she tweeted: "My constituents are utterly fed up with this happening in Parliament as we bash ourselves to bruises over Brexit. Vote for the deal, let's get this done and let's get back to all the other things we have to work on."

Last week on a visit to Devizes just days after she had caused a stir when she had joined two other ministers in threatening to resign unless a no-deal Brexit was taken off the table. But they were appeased by Mrs May giving MPs a free vote on the subject which is due to take place tonight (Wed).

During her visit to Smallbones on the Hopton Industrial Estate she was feeling confident Mrs May would secure a majority on her Brexit deal but that confidence was misplaced as MPs last night the Prime Minister lost by 149 votes.

A spokesman for Devizes for EU said after the vote: "The Commons has again decisively voted against a deal that failed to honour the promises made for Brexit both during and since the last referendum.

"The PM should ensure that any extension of the Article 50 deadline is used to deliver the clarity about Brexit that has been missing from the last two-and-a-half years of debate.

"When the real costs of Brexit and new facts are properly debated, Claire Perry MP will have the chance to consider whether to give her constituents a real say and a new vote. It's time to Put It To The People & demand a People's Vote. We invite you to join us in that endeavour and to march with Devizes for EU in London on 23 March.”