YOUTH Against Settlements campaigner Sundus Al- Azza, from Hebron in Palestine, stopped off in Corsham on Sunday to talk about the situation in her home city, her personal experiences of the occupation and her activism as a youth leader.

The talk, at the Springfield Community Campus, was organised by the Bradford-on-Avon Friends of Palestine and drew a large audience of people keen to hear what Sundus, 25, had to say and to take part in a discussion afterwards.

At the end of the meeting she said: "It was good to see a lot of people here.

"I arrived last Friday and I am in the UK for eleven days."

Youth Against Settlements is a Palestinian grassroots initiative to promote non-violent community resistance against the Israeli occupation. Sundus grew up in the Tel Rumieda neighbourhood of Hebron and has been a volunteer for YAS for 10 years. She has been arrested by the Israeli forces, attacked by settlers, and led protests and campaigns in the Hebron community.

Her visit is part of the 10th Open Shuhada Street Campaign, an annual call to end the closures, restrictions, human rights violations, and occupation in Hebron.