GUESTS had a choice of either chicken, ham and leak pie or a substantial beef stew and dumplings for last week's community lunch at great Bedwyn.

Organiser Sue Challen runs the monthly event in the parish church with an average of 25 diners sitting down to the three course meal plus drinks.

She said the meal is for either homeless people or for those who would normally live isolated lives and are not able to get out often.

Transport is organised for those living in Froxfield, Crofton, Burbage and Hungerford, but she said there were still some people in the area who they have yet to reach.

Most people make a £5 donation although there is no obligation and it is free for the homeless she said.

The meals are cooked at home by the volunteers and then brought into the church where there are hot plates and a heated unit to keep the food hot.

The next community lunch is on Thursday, March 21. For details call Sue for details on 01672 870202.