GRANDMOTHER Sabine Zurmühlen says she has been left feeling hurt and unwanted after a UKIP supporter shouted at her in Devizes town centre.

Ms Zurmuhlen, 61, who is from Germany but now lives in the Devizes area, said the confrontation happened on Friday when the far right party had a Brexit stall in The Brittox.

She said a woman from a UKIP stall suggested she should leave England. She said: "This lady's approach demonstrates that UKIP seems to be found on hatred of foreigners. I certainly do not wish to be met by racism on the streets."

But this week UKIP denied its supporter was being racist and she had a different memory of the encounter.

The former translator said the incident happened as the UKIP stall was being pack up. She said: "During my lunch break I happened to pass through the Brittox in Devizes and noticed a Brexit Now sign and a table, not realising or rather not being very interested in what this was about because in these days we are all a bit tired of Brexit.

"On my way back I walked by closer and discovered that it was UKIP who were wrapping up their stall. Without having mentioned any interest, I was approached by a lady who

asked if she could help at all.

"Politely I said 'No, I am just glad to see you are leaving' and continued to walk down the Brittox. I am sure she realised by that time that I am not English and that I was most likely not a supporter of her cause.

"To my utter surprise the lady then shouted after me 'You are the one who should be leaving.' I do not think this is right and felt quite hurt."

She said this week that she was already feeling vulnerable following Britain's vote to leave the EU and this exchange had made her feel even less wanted in the country.

She said: "I have been living, working and paying taxes here in this country for more than 13 years. My right to voice an opinion - especially upon being approached- should

remain untouched and this lady's approach demonstrates that UKIP seems to be found on hatred of foreigners.

"My reply might not have been what this Ukip member expected, but it was still polite. The hatred that was voiced is unacceptable."

The stall was the responsibility of Mike Walker the UKIP Devizes Chairman.

Richard Ford chairman of UKIP South West disputed Ms Zurmuhlen account and denied that UKIP was a racist party. He said: "UKIP Devizes operates regular action days which consist largely of a stall from which activists dispense leaflets and information about the party and about Brexit.

"I would like to point out to you most emphatically that UKIP is not a racist party. Former members of the BNP, National Front and many other organisations are proscribed from joining UKIP.

"However we are very alive to allegations of racism or xenophobia made against ourselves, and therefore such allegations are always treated with the utmost seriousness and are investigated fully."

He said the party had spoken to the woman in question who had a different memory of the incident. An internal report this: "When a passing woman (W), was some 10 feet past the stall, she turned around and said "are you leaving?

"X said "yes, is there something I can help you with?.

"W "no I just wanted to know if you were leaving, I am glad you are going".

"X "well that's not very nice... I am glad you're going too."

Mr Ford said: "The UKIP activist concerned, is a retired lady one of whose parents was an immigrant from Italy. I spoke to X on several occasions yesterday, on each of these she broke down in tears because of the unfounded allegations which have been made against her. X was particularly distressed that she should be accused of racism because of her own immigrant background. X felt that W was looking for trouble or for some kind of conflict or altercation, and maintains that she has witnesses to support her version of events.

"I understand that the lady who made the complaint is of German origin. As a fluent German speaker who has lived and worked in both Germany and Austria and who is a member of several Anglo-German cultural and friendship associations please may I, on a personal level, assure you of my abhorrence that UKIP should be accused of anti German or indeed any anti foreign prejudice. If I thought that were the case I can assure you that I would not remain a member of such an organisation."