TWISTED neo-folk is the description offered up to describe up and coming Bristol band Young Waters.

Now that is an appellation that whetted my musical appetite - while not an all-out folkie I adore the work of Emily Portman, to whom this could equally apply.

The band played at the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham on Saturday - part of the Fest West 2019 line-up, and they promised a tapestry of emotionally powerful vocals, exhilarating rhythms and intricate, weaving melodies, coupled with a repertoire that combines startling original material with traditional folk songs. They certainly delivered.

Made up of Theo Passingham, Kerry Ann Jangle, Liam O’Connell, Calum Smith and Rowen Elliot, Young Waters do defy any easy categorisation. Folk, yes, with strains of indie, and then moments that made me think of Suzanne Vega, Radiohead , even Simon and Garfunkel -if they were writing folk songs of 21st century Britain. Poetic and surprising lyrics, superb musicianship, graceful vocal performances with enchanting harmonies, these are gifted musicians and their musical style is evidently still evolving. Lively folk fiddle, alternated with haunting synthesised sounds -it works like a dream.

The concert closed with Kerry’s solo performance of Irish folk tune, the Flower Of Sweet Strabane and her singing is like a ribbon of gold.

Young Waters are astonishing. Even if folk isn’t your thing, don’t miss them.