The Samian bowl discovered beneath Antiques Roadshow presenter Marc Allum's Chippenham back garden has been restored and is on display at Chippenham Museum.

The bowl, a form of Roman tableware, was uncovered in pieces during an excavation by archaeologists Mike Stone and Clive Green and features a design with a gladiator and a lion.

The archaeologists were looking for evidence of the Saxons off St Mary Street but instead discovered a piece of Roman history, with the remains of around 14 pots buried underneath what was once the floor of a medieval building.

"It is perhaps evidence of a Roman farmstead - it would be the perfect location for it," Marc said. "This is rewriting the history of Chippenham - we knew the Romans had been around Chippenham but never found enough evidence to say there was a settlement here - and now we have."

The bowl is likely to be a popular attraction at the museum, and a facsimile is also being made.