DANGEROUS bends, traffic calming and cutting the A4 at Savernake Hill from three lanes to two were some of the ideas explained in a presentation in Marlborough last month.

A report on the work of the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) was given at the last Area Board Meeting in January by County Cllr Nick Fogg.

He said: "We have very little money and parishes come up with projects to which they will put some funding in. All we can do is prioritise the jobs."

He said they usually get through at least one per meeting which which was "pretty good going."

The current jobs listed for the CATG to tackle are work to slow traffic in West Kennett and Beckhampton on the A4 and a travel plan for Froxfield - in particular at Brewhouse Hill.

A consultation had taken place in Marlborough to introduce a blanket 20mph speed limit in the town which had heard several objections.

However these objections were of the level that could be dealt with by the cabinet members for the areas so it could still be moved forward as a plan.

Mildenhall had asked for a new bus stop which would lead to a road closure for construction work adding more cost to the project he said.

Chilton Foliat said Cllr Fogg had a poorly marked sharp bend on the B4192 which needed a new sign.

CATG is a good way, he continued, to allocate and impose priorities such as the Lockeridge virtual footpath which was now installed.

With a budget of only a few thousand pounds it was not easy to conclude transport issues although £3,000 had been allocated to topographic work in Froxfield ahead of any road improvements.

Projects also being looked at were a suggested roundabout at the junction of Herd Street and The Acres in Marlborough which had now been referred back to the town council.

Cllr Fogg said any suggestions on how to implement the roundabout would be welcomed.

An order for a new chevron sign had been ordered for a dangerous bend in Uffcott had been placed while there would be a site visit in Baydon as heavy vehicles regularly mounted the kerbs.

One project that CATG was investigating was in Aldbourne to slow traffic in the village and speed reduction was needed on the A4361 and A346.