A GIANT poppy idea created by hundreds of people wearing red ponchos seen only from the sky was given short shrift by county councillors.

The idea was put forward at last month’s Area Board Meeting in Marlborough by Andrew Jack of Wiltshire County Council.

He appealed for funds to pay for 400 people to wear coloured ponchos so depict the iconic flower as part of celebrations for Armed Forces Day on June 29, in Salisbury.

It was potentially part of events taking place over the weekend that would include marching bands, entertainment and a photography competition.

However, his plan for the human poppy was dismissed by Cllr Nick Fogg.

He said: “The human poppy idea is rather frivolous. I’d prefer the money to go towards transport for veterans to be taken to Salisbury for the day. It’s a silly idea and not my idea of how to spend money.”

Cllr Steward Dobson agreed with him saying Mr Jack’s plans for community tapestries was good and that funds for transport should also attract funding.