ONE of Wiltshire’s most famous and ancient roads could be closed to traffic if a proposal by the transport group on Avebury’s parish council was adopted.

"The only way you can narrow the A4," said Cllr Mike Bedford, "is to close the Avenue. Because there is not enough room for the ghost lane for people coming from Marlborough to turn right.

"To get it down to the required width which would naturally slow down vehicles going through West Kennett Highways would need to close the Avenue, or at the very least not to have a right turn into the Avenue."

The Avenue links Avebury and West Kennett along the B4003 following the lines of neolithic stones that straddle or run alongside the road.

Councillors heard that previous plans had involved a pedestrian crossing in West Kennett and also the closure of the Avenue. Crossing the road in West Kennett was extremely dangerous especially for school children to catch the bus they were told by a resident at the meeting.

"There's an argument that we have heard," said Cllr Bedford, "that having the Avenue made into a one way street coming down from Avebury to West Kennett is not a a preferred option. It would become a rat run. If you want to include traffic calming into the West Kennet plan then it will produce a domino effect with the closing of the Avenue."

He said the transport group had been meeting with other parish councils with an exhibition in Avebury and another in Lockeridge.

"There was a lot of opposition to the plans," he said, "needless to say, but some people who were opposed to the idea were not converted but they recognised the argument."

Meetings and discussions will continue with neighbouring councils and Highways said Cllr Bedford. The chair Cllr Stephen Tracey asked the transport group to continue their work in finding a solution to speeding traffic on the A4.