WITH the majority of adults in Wiltshire overweight and a quarter of grown-ups obese according to the NHS it's always gratifying to hear of someone locally who has managed to shed the pounds.

In Calne, Tracey Jones, 47, was working as an HR manager when she decided that she could no longer put up with being overweight.

She said: "I’d had enough, I was fed up with being unhealthy and having a job and lifestyle which were not conducive to making the right choices. I’d got to the point where I didn’t want to go out."

In a life changing moment she decided to quit her job and taking up exercise by visiting a gym along with adopting a strict diet and managed to lose six and a half stone.

Tracey investigated various ideas for exercising and settled on Rabble. It is an exercise class founded by Charlotte Roach, 30, who was training for the Olympic Games when she suffered a serious cycling accident.

Rabble has been franchised and features high intensity games for groups of people wishing to stay fit. The firm says once set up by a new instructor, the classes are suitable for all ages and classes are suitable for all ages and play games such as British bulldog, capture the flag and dodge ball.

It also says instructors who take on a Rabble can earn a living from it which is what Tracey decided to do. She had attended a session in London and 'got hooked'.

The born-again slimmer said: "With great encouragement from my instructor I started training for my level 2 gym instructor’s course and quickly moved on to level 3 in personal training.

"It was pretty hard going, I was out of the habit of studying and revising and I’d been thrown out of my biology classes at school so learning about muscles and anatomy was a pretty steep curve but I stuck to it.

"I built a small gym in my garden and I encourage people with less confidence to come and train there.

"It took me a month to get everything set up and then I was in business. I run two sessions one in Calne and one in Chippenham at Chippenham Sports Club Air Dome."

Since that moment when she decided to do something about being overweight she hasn't look back saying it has given her a new career.