LITTLE Carmela Chillery-Watson, who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, is a little girl who likes to dress up so she was delighted to be able to wear orange to raise money for research into the muscle wasting disease.

Carmela, four, from Market Lavington, near Devizes, was disappointed when the first Go Orange day at Dauntsey Academy Primary School in West Lavington was postponed because of snow.

But the school came up trumps a few days later when it re-scheduled the fundraising day for last Tuesday. Carmela and her classmates along with school staff all dressed in orange boiler suits.

The school raised a total of £245 to fund research into L-CMD the rare form of the disease which affects Carmela.

Her mum Lucy also organised a Go Orange event with children and parents from a Fit4Tots class that she runs and raised another £40.20.

On Saturday Carmela and her parents Lucy and Darren were back on the fundraising trail when they held a cake sale at the Co-op in Market Lavington and raised £135.

Carmela modelled another Orange outfit as she helped to sell goodies. Mrs Chillery-Watson said: "The cake sale was fantastic. We sold out in an an hour and half. It must have been a very hungry village indeed.

"Carmela was in her element with selling and taking the coins. She loves doing shop role-plays at home, so selling her cakes for real was great practice.

"A local lady made two beautiful cakes for us to sell, one was a tiger cake and a little boy dressed in a tiger outfit with his dad bought it. What was the chances of that."

Nicole Beebee the South West regional developer with Muscular Dystrophy was also on hand to help out and show support.