North and South

PEWSEY: Parish councillors will co-opt two new members of the council on February 12, at the next council meeting. They are for the north and south wards.

Vet plan proposed

MARLBOROUGH: Pets Corner Ltd has asked planners if they can change the former Vauxhall (Skurrays) garage in George Lane from a car showroom to a veterinary surgery.

Homes in village

EAST KENNETT: Planners have given the green light to the construction of four homes in Church Lane. There will also be an extension and alterations to Harestone House. The old barn and stables will also go and be replaced by a toilet and car parking for church goers.

Fire damaged

HAM: A property damaged by fire is to be demolished. Planning permission has been approved to replace a home at Tudor Cottage with a new house complete with parking space.

Chimney Fire

AXFORD: The Ramsey fire and rescue crew were called out to extinguish a chimney fire on January 29, in the early evening. They tackled the fire in an open hearth using chimney rods and stirrup pumps.