WILTSHIRE County doesn’t care about Marlborough as it is tucked away in the corner of the county.

That was the view of Marlborough's deputy mayor Cllr Mervyn Hall as he gave an update on the group creating draft policies for the town's future.

"We still need at the last count more than 92 affordable homes," he said, "I see Wiltshire Council are building council houses with Government money, but unfortunately none in Marlborough yet.

"I look forward to seeing some of that money, but we keep getting forgotten as we are in the far corner of the county."

He said they needed to find more space to build affordable homes in the town as he addressed the Area Board Meeting in January over issues raised by the steering group for the Neighbourhood Plan.

When developers build ordinary homes they are duty bound to include 40 per cent for affordable housing he explained which he said was an expensive way of providing new homes as the other 60 per cent were the expensive ones.

There were sites in the town such as the old police station and the former St Peter's School which he would like to see used for either a community hub or affordable housing.

"The hot political potato at the moment is the medical surgery," he said, "I have spoken to the partners about it."

"The building that was built in 1990 and needs to be 50 per cent bigger, than it currently is.

"There are two reasons for that. One is population growth, and the other one is they are being asked to provide a wider and wider number of services by the National Health Service.

"Finding a place for a surgery is one thing but finding the funding is another."

Cllr Hall said he had contacted the MP Claire Perry and had been in correspondence with the Government over finding funding sources and would be meeting with the partners again once he had more information.