SHOPPERS are deserting the High Street in alarming numbers the Marlborough Area Board Meeting heard this week.

The deputy mayor Cllr Mervyn Hall reported on a town centre health check survey they had carried out with the results only just in.

He said: "It was a bench marking exercise last done in 2014.

"It's come up with some interesting facts.

"To give you one example about footfall in the High Street. On a Market Day footfall for the busiest place is outside Waitrose which is no surprise.

"An average of 159 persons pass every ten minutes, but that is a 26 per cent reduction on 2014 so we are seeing a reduction in activity around the High Street.

"Long term it is an issue and information like this will feed towards a town centre plan which is another thing that Marlborough will need once we have done a neighbourhood plan."

Another factor was 67 per cent of people asked in a survey said parking was a "negative aspect" of the town and put people off visiting.