Hear ye, hear ye - Peter Dauncey has taken on the role of town crier for Chippenham.

Mr Dauncey is certainly well qualified for the job - he has been a town crier for 25years -14 years as town crier of Bromyard in Herefordshire, where he was also appointed as the Herald to the Bishop of Hereford, and also town crier to the twin town Athis-de-l'Orne in Normandy. He was also the honorary town crier of Winslow, Washington USA.

Mr Dauncey moved to Melksham eleven years ago and has been both town and manorial crier since then.

He has also been Chairman of the Guild, and their membership officer, when he was involved in recruiting criers for many towns. In fact, Mr Dauncey was awarded their highest honour, the silver medal for distinguished service to the Guild.

He is now the Joint Town Crier of Chippenham and Melksham - and plans to visit Chippenham once a month on a Friday for the markets. He will also attend civic events such as Commonwealth Day and Civic Sunday.