PRAISE has been heaped upon the art students of Pewsey Vale School who exhibited their work in the Houses of Parliament.

At the January meeting of Pewsey Parish Council Cllr Caroline Dalrymple said the trip up to London had been a triumph for the school and congratulated the students involved.

Art teacher Nina Slater said: "It came about when the MP Claire Perry visited the school last year.

"She was thrilled by the standard and creativity and suggested the school enter a ballot for a visit to Parliament."

The school's success in the ballot meant the students could visit Parliament but combined it by staging an exhibition of their work in one of the rooms at the Commons.

Some of the parents took the day off work to support their children while Cllr Dalrymple also accompanied the party.

The students were able to watch a debate in Parliament in which Cllr Dalrymple said the Wiltshire MP spoke "impressively."

Nina Slater said she was passionate about the arts and the creative industries "helped to drive the economy. The event was great confidence booster to the students," she said, "as it was brilliant for them to see their work in such a grand setting."

Originally from London, Nina Slater specialised in textile design but said a broad arts discipline was essential for students along with the traditional painting and drawing skills.

Claire Perry said it was a very successful day and was delighted the students could exhibit their work in Parliament.