WITH links to the Ukraine, Bradford and Wales, the Kitchen Sisters is Marlborough's latest eatery at No7 Kingsbury Street just off the High Street.

Chef Leisa Weremijenko is actually a Yorkshire lass although her parents hailed originally from the Ukraine, while there's no mistaking her partner's background. Karl Lloyd may have lived in England for three decades but his Welsh accent gives away his origins.

"We were delighted with the opening with lots of tables booked and even a 24th birthday party with a party of 12," said Mr Lloyd. "The decor is a bit quirky with our house stripped of all its antiques to give a contemporary quirky feeling."

He even built the tables himself to give a textured tone to the interior.

The duo say they have been thrilled with the feedback they've had for their range of handmade burgers that range from pulled pork to vegetarian.

They developed a following for their food at The Bruce Arms in Easton Royal, before the Marlborough venture.