PUBLICANS Kevin and Louise Fraser flew back thousands of miles from a holiday on an African island to make sure they did not miss a big award evening in the House of Commons but could not have predicted they would be part of one of the biggest nights in British politics.

Mr and Mrs Fraser, who run The Westbrook in Bromham, near Devizes, were determined to be at the Parliamentary Pub of the Year competition after being told they were a regional winner and national finalist.

They cut their holiday in Cape Verde short and flew back to be at the House of Commons as MPs prepared to take part in the Brexit vote.

They were awarded their south west region winners trophy by Devizes MP Claire Perry who managed to escape from the chamber to do the honours.

Mr Fraser said: "It was quite an experience. Outside there were people with banners and there were press everywhere. Claire Perry didn't seem stressed. She was very professional. There were other MPs coming and going to take part.

"We are delighted to win the south west award and to be a national finalist only a short time after taking over The Westbrook."

Launched in the summer of 2018 by chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Pub Group, Toby Perkins, MP, the competition seeks to recognise the important role pubs play in British life and the value they add to the local communities and local economy.