INDIAN restaurant owner Sohidul Hossain is threatening to paint his own yellow lines outside his business, following a six-month delay by Wiltshire Council to re-instate the markings after a road was resurfaced.

Mr Sohidul, who runs One Spice in Maryport Street, says his passing trade is being affected as would-be customers are unable to see his business as traffic, including a large van, often parks outside.

Now he is threatening to paint his own yellow lines if the council does not act. He said: “I have bought a tin of paint to paint those double yellow lines. I would like to ask the council once again and if they do not take any action in due course, it will force us to open the tin of paint and utilise it on that part of Maryport Street.

“You would hardly see the sign of our restaurant if you drive past or even walk past.

“There used to be a double yellow line right in front of our restaurant but after resurfacing the road six months ago, the highways or the council did not bother to repaint those double yellow lines.

“There is no doubt we are losing passing trade due to the gross negligence of the people concerned at the Wiltshire Council. It has been over two months since I raised the concern. Unfortunately, there has been no reply from the council received yet.

“We feel ignored and devastated about the issue, despite paying £9,800 rates to the council. It is terribly upsetting when all the high street shops are shutting down. Both sides of our restaurant are already charity shops and local people do not like to see another charity shop in one row.”

He said insult had been added to injury as the council has forced him to replace one large rubbish bin with two smaller ones at a cost to him. He said: “It doesn’t seem fair.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council said: “The yellow lines will be scheduled for repainting”