SAINT George, Napoleon and a Turkish knight were part of a curious cavalcade passing through Lacock on the night of Christmas Eve.

The colourful characters, one crowned with antlers, another wrapped with ivy, and a chimney sweep carrying the green-skulled Oss, were accompanied by the ringing of a bell and the banging of a drum.

These were the Ragged Heroes Mummers on their annual tour of the local pubs to perform the traditional mummers' play.

The tour began at the George, proceeded to the Red Lion, then the Bell and finally the Rising Sun - though this last performance took place on the green nearby.

Gordon Rimes, who played the chimney sweep, said: "We had a good night. The reception is always good. People know we are coming and it's part of a traditional Christmas. You have people coming to their doors and windows to see us pass."

The Ragged Heroes have been performing their play for about 35 years. Their play features battles and resurrections, with a doctor, the demon Beelzebub and Jack Vinney, the antlered man from the wild woods. It culminates in a member of the audience being called to revive the fallen with a kiss.

Mr Rimes said the group would be pleased to hear from people interested in joining the merry band.

For more information, visit their page on Facebook.