NATURE writer Stephen Moss dropped into Corsham Bookshop on Monday evening to talk about his new book, The Wren: A Biography.

The beautiful volume, lavishly adorned with colour illustrations, is the follow-up to last year's book, The Robin.

Mr Moss is also the author of Dynasties and Planet Earth 2, the books written to accompany the popular BBC nature series presented by David Attenborough.

"The bird books are very popular, and they were lovely to do," he said. "They are books for everyone - not just for literary types."

Mr Moss, who lives in Somerset and teaches the Master's course in travel and nature writing at Bath Spa University's Corsham Court campus, talked to the bookshop audience about the behaviour and folklore associated with both the robin and the wren before taking questions from the audience.

"I had an idea to write about the robin, and I though this could work. It was voted Britain's favourite bird," he explained.

Afterwards he persuaded his publishers to undertake the follow-up book about the wren, and next year, is planning a volume linking birds to the traditional song, the Twelve Days of Christmas.