A pair of burglars were caught on CCTV as they sneaked into a house as the owner worked in his garden office.

Thomas Murphy and James Doran were two of three men who broke into the Calne property in December 2016.

When confronted by the householder they threatened the man as they made their escape in a stolen Audi.

Hours after their release from a police station, having been questioned about a number of matter, the car they had been in was set alight in Froxfield.

Murphy, 22, initially admitted the burglary as well as a raid at another house in Reading.

But after 25-year-old Doran was found unfit to stand trial his accomplice was also deemed unable to enter pleas due to mental health issues.

The case was then heard before Swindon Crown Court, where a jury had to decide whether the acts were committed without the men giving evidence in their defence.

The panel of nine men and three women were shown footage from the security system at a house on Northfields, Calne, taken two years ago.

Shortly after 9.30am the Audi is seen pulling up round the corner from the house before a man is seen going to the door.

After getting no reply he was joined by two others and they went through the side gate into the back garden.

Cameras at the back then show them going into the house before the householder came out of his garden office.

He told the jury that he went inside and told the men to get out. Finding the front door locked they had to leave the same way they entered.

As they passed him they made him crouch down as they fled the scene in the car, which an accomplice had moved round to the front of the house.

Following another alleged offence in Reading the vehicle, on false plates, was involved a high speed chase before being abandoned in Froxfield.

The men were later arrested in Semington, having got a taxi there, and after being questioned were released later that night. Two hours later the Audi was set on fire.

Now the jury has found Doran and Murphy committed the act a judge will have to decide whether to impose hospital orders to get the burglars treatment.

Doran, of Nuneaton, and Murphy, formerly of Windsor but now living in Wakefield, have been released on bail and will face sentence in the New Year.