A judge branded a man who repeatedly assaulted his latest partner a wife beater, as he jailed him for three years.

Jamie Wolleter, who has a history of domestic violence, burnt, throttled and stabbed his victim, often in front of her young children.

The 25-year-old also warned her against reporting the matter to the police during his latest campaign of violence against women.

Sue Cavender, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court how the relationship started in December last year.

Soon after he moved in with the mum, who has children aged four, three and 18 months, at her home in Heddington, near Calne.

As he had difficulties with work they started to row as he became more demanding at home, and he assaulted her, causing her burns, cuts and bruises.

Wolleter, now of Queens Avenue, Corsham, pleaded guilty to three counts of actual bodily harm and four of common assault.

In April they were arguing as she cooked the children's supper when he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her backwards over the hob.

As a result she suffered a burn between her shoulder blades and the top she was wearing was also melted by the heat.

After she screamed from the pain he let her go and then apologised for what he had done, claiming he didn't know the cooker was on.

A few days later they were arguing about there being no toilet paper when he punched her to the face, leaving a bruise.

In April he fled the house as the police were looking for him, and when he returned he wrongly accused her of calling them.

The thug then produced a machete and put it to her chest, making a hole in her top and breaking the skin, again apologising for what he had done.

In June he pushed her over a stair gate, causing bruising, and again pulled the machete on her, saying he would 'slice you up', before again throttling her

And finally in July he assaulted her brother-in-law who had come to the house when he was launching another drunken attack

The court heard he had had a history of domestic violence along with other offences.

Tim Hills, defending, said his client had a poor start to life having been in care and alcohol had played a part in their relationship.

He said that when he is released he will be able to return to live with his mother in west Wiltshire and there was a job for him as a bricklayer.

Jailing him, Judge Robert Pawson said "You have hitherto what has been known in the vernacular, or in slang, as a wife beater. It is not a name any man wants."

He also imposed a seven year restraining order banning him from contacting his victim.