YOUNG runner Adam Thomas has become the first member of the One Mile Club to clock up a grand total of 200 miles.

Adam Thomas joined the One Mile Club, a branch of Corsham Running Club, with his older brother Sammie and his parents in October 2011, just before his fourth birthday.

The club meets weekly in term time to do a variety of activities all of which are running based.

A year ago Adam realised that he was in with a chance to be the first to reach 200 miles and smash the previous record of 176 miles.

He received the trophy, special t-shirt and certificate two days after his eleventh birthday. now the family tradition will continue as Adam’s younger brother Zac joined the club last September.

“It has been amazing being part of the One Mile Club and I have done a huge amount of different activities. My favourite ones have been the Halloween Spooky Run and the treasure hunts," Adam said.