SET in a post-apocalyptic world, the National Theatre’s new staging of Macbeth is an ambitious and challenging retelling of the Shakespearian tragedy that has puzzled and attracted theatre fans for hundreds of years.

The show at the Theatre Royal Bath takes you to a camouflage covered world, where the madness endured by its main characters are embodied by the chaotic landscape they find themselves in.

Paranoia and fear grip the characters and the dark and unsettled war torn world is a perfect place for the tragic family battle for power to unravel.

Emerging victorious from a bloody fight, the battle-hardened Macbeth encounters three haunting figures on a heath who hail him as the future King of Scotland. Hearing this prophecy, Macbeth’s ambition consumes him and, spurred on by his wife, he sets himself and his country on a dark and murderous path.

The set has been designed and realised by Tony and Olivier Award-winning designer Rae Smith, who was behind War Horse, and directed by National Theatre artistic director Rufus Norris.

The modern retelling of the classic story of power struggle, betrayal and corruption forces audiences to reimagine the images and themes of the Scottish play.

The witches dazzled, emerging and commanding the stage as they lured Macbeth and foretold his future, setting him on the corrupt path for power. The tilted stage added to the feeling of a jagged and broken world and highlights the destruction caused by the many battles.

Numerous school parties in the audience seemed captivated by the post civil war retelling.

There are bound to be many interesting classroom discussions as children dissect the dark and eerie touring production.

Julia corbett

The show is on until Saturday Tickets £25-£39.