Local Liberal Democrats have chosen Dr Brian Mathew as their prospective candidate to be North Wiltshire's next MP.

The result was declared at a packed members meeting at Kington Langley Village Hall on Saturday 3 November.

The announcement came after Dr Mathew and his opponent Alistair Fernie had spoken to and answered members' questions. The meeting was the climax of a month long, intensive campaign

Speaking after the result, Dr Brian Mathew thanked Alistair Fernie for ‎a positive campaign that had energised local members.

Dr Mathew said: "This is a very challenging time for the voters of North Wiltshire and our country. We face the catastrophe of a disastrously disorganised ‎Brexit.

"We must ‎get a‎ People's Vote on the final Brexit deal and our future ‎with the EU.

"The ticking time bomb of climate change needs real and urgent action to save our environment. North Wiltshire's schools are underfunded hitting our children's' education and future prospects.

"Our county's elderly and children's social care programmes face a self-inflicted crisis created Wiltshire Council's Conservative leadership's financial mismanagement. This is compounded by Government funding cuts.

"Our NHS urgently needs a cash injection if we are to avoid another winter crisis. Many local people and families are struggling to make ends meet and are fearful for their futures

"The time is coming when North Wiltshire voters will chose who they trust to tackle these serious challenges."

Speaking about the contest, re-elected North Wiltshire Liberal Democrats chair, Matt Bragg said: "This was an excellent contest, conducted in good spirit between two outstanding candidates.

"Both worked really hard and positively to win our support. ‎Now it's our turn to back Brian to win. I look forward to working with our members to do just that."‎