COMMUNITIES in Wiltshire are getting grant money from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)to help build resilience in the face of emergency situations and adverse weather

Kingston St Michael will receive £414 to buy generators, North Wiltshire RAYNET will get £10.000 to buy a communications trailer,Wiltshire Search and Rescue receive £10,000 for a command vehicle and the Box Flood Wardens are in line for £1188 to buy equipment to protect against flooding, as well as road safety training for the volunteer wardens.

Wiltshire Councillor Brian Mathew, who helped set up the Box Flood Wardens, said:

"This is very welcome indeed. It's great when a community comes together to solve problems."

Coun Mathew explained that homes in Market Place had been flooded after heavy rain, caused by surface run-off and water from tributaries to the By Brook.

"With climate change we have more heavy rainfall incidents, and flash flood events," he said.

The grant will be used to buy Hydrosnakes - gel sacks which can be used in place of sandbags to protect from flooding - and to train volunteer flood wardens in road safety.

The SSEN Resilient Communities Fund is awarding nearly £200,000 to the groups across its network area in central southern England, with individual awards of up to £20,000 for projects that will help protect the welfare of those most vulnerable, enhance community facilities or improve communication during an emergency weather event.

Decisions for funding awards are made by a panel of representatives from the Environment Agency, British Red Cross and National Energy Action. In this latest round, community groups from areas including Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Isle of Wight have all received awards from the fund.

Lisa Doogan, Director of Customer Relationship Management for SSEN said: “Since the inception of the fund four years ago, I’ve been thrilled to see the diverse nature of the applications that we receive and the determination of the recipients of the awards to improve the lives of those who live and work in their communities."

SSEN’s Resilient Communities Fund will re-open for applications in spring 2019. Visit