PEAK time use of temporary traffic lights has now stopped in London Road, Devizes but Wiltshire Council still cannot confirm when the work will finally be finished.

After weeks of traffic chaos at the junction with London Road and Windsor Drive the council said this week: "Daytime works will now take place predominantly using a temporary roundabout with use of temporary three way signals only outside of peak hours.

"Surfacing work will begin from 7pm using two-way temporary signals on London Road and a closure of Windsor Drive."

Next week the installation of new permanent traffic lights will start on Monday. Some work including white lining will be done during the day mainly using the temporary roundabout for traffic control but there will also be limited use of temporary three-way signals outside of peak hours,.

Following a period of on-site testing the permanent signals will then be in use.

Philip Whitehead, chair of the Devizes Community Area Transport Group, said: “This has been a frustrating time for motorists and businesses in the area, particularly with the unavoidable delays that have been an every-day experience for a very long time.

“From now on the traffic will flow a little quicker as the use of three way signals during peak times has now stopped and we are now only a couple of weeks or so away from the project being completed.

“I again thank everyone for their patience."

A council spokesman said they hoped the new lights will be in place by mid October but some work may continue after that. But said: "There may be a slight cross-over of 3-way temp signals being used as well.

"They will only be needed for a very short period of time and not used all of the day and not every day. "

Work to repair Prison Bridge has also started and temporary traffic lights are in place.