ROGUE traders running a well known mattress scam are operating in Wiltshire, warns a woman who was conned by them.

The woman who does not wish to be named said she was walking her dog near Avebury when a white van pulled up.

She said: “The man asked me if I was local and said he had a strange question.

"He said he had three mattresses, still in their cover, from a show home that he’d been told to get rid of, and he’d sell it to me cheap.

“They wanted about £180 for it, but I said I didn’t have enough, but I went to the cashpoint and got £120 and paid for it.”

When she opened the cover of the mattress she’d been told was a Memory Foam mattress by Comfynight, she found she’d been sold a cheap version.

She said: “I looked it up and there’s warnings on the internet about it. It’s quite well known.”

The Sleep Council has warned against the scam, saying people might be buying mattresses that are old, unhygienic or even a fire risk.

“I feel quite stupid having been taken in," the victim told the Advertiser.

"They wore some sort of uniform and looked okay, but I’d like to warn people that they’re in the area so others aren’t tricked like I've been.”