CROWDS gathered at the Jubilee Auction Rooms in Pewsey on Tuesday and Wednesday as tv presenter Paul Martin and a crew from the BBC filmed for a new antiques day time programme.

The new show, Make me a Dealer, sees two amateur antiques dealers investing their own money to buy items at auction before trying to sell them for profit.

The Jubilee Auction Rooms has seen four contestants try their hand at antique trading.

David Harrison, director at the Jubilee Auction Rooms in Pewsey said: “We were very excited to have Paul and the BBC here filming.

“There was a team of about ten crew members alongside Paul who visited the auction rooms.

“It will be great to see the auction rooms on television.

“We have been auctioning all sorts of items, including garden materials.

“There have been lots of people here while the filming was taking place and it has bee really very good.”

The BBC seemed to find itself under fire after a Government white paper in 2016 criticised it’s daytime schedule and its reliance on property and collectable’ programmes.

The BBC also described the new series as exciting and an original factual programming.

However producers defended the new Make me a Dealer programme, saying it is a unique, new format where contributors invest their own money into the sales.

Presented by Flog It host, Paul Martin, the programme is thought to air on BBC one day time television in the coming months.

Paul himself has presented several other collectables programmes on the BBC, including Trust me I’m a Dealer, and Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution.

He has also presented the BBC Countryfile spin-offs Summer Diaries, Spring Diaries, Autumn Diaries and Winter Diaries since 2016.

Paul now lives in Seend with his wife of 11 years, Charlotte and their two children, Dylan, 8 and Meredith, 6.