A RECORD breaking number of teams and spectators came out for the annual four-legged event in Pewsey on Saturday night.

Over 200 people in 79 teams dressed up in weird and wonderful costumes of their choice, tied up their legs and hurtled through the village.

Stopping at six check in points along the way for a glass of wine, both the teams and spectators had a whale of a time, despite having to make way for a fire engine called out on a an emergency.

Chairman of the four-legged event, David Major said: "The evening went very well, I was so pleased with the amount of people who took part, it was record breaking for us.

"Two years ago we moved the race from a Thursday to the Saturday, and we were unsure how it would effect our numbers. We we worried that maybe less people would come along as it has been on a Thursday for so long.

"However it has actually improved our numbers, as more people seem to be able to come along at the weekend, and they can also have a glass of wine without worrying about going to work tomorrow.

"The costumes were very creative.

"We actually had to stop the race for a minute or two as a fire engine was called out.

"It wasn't anything major as it was only out for about half an hour but these sort of things happen."

David Fortune, who was in the first team to finish along with Elspeth Barley and Sanj Mair, said: "The event is not a race, but even so we were determined to finish first, and we are so pleased that we did."