TAXPAYERS’ money has been saved after a plea to fill out council paperwork online has been listened to by half of county’s residents.

Electoral roll forms were sent out earlier this year to everyone living in the county, at the same time as the council said that valuable staff time and taxpayer’s money could be saved if more forms were filled out online.

The electoral enquiry form helps renew the national electoral roll database which is updated annually.

Well over half of the county has already responded and of those, almost half were submitted online.

Dr Carlton Brand, Wiltshire Council corporate director and the county’s electoral registration officer, said: “It’s been a terrific response so far.

“It’s such good news that so many people are choosing to save the council time and money by going online or using their phone to complete the household enquiry forms.”

Forms were sent out to 220,000 homes for people send in or complete online.

More than 141,000 have been completed, with around 62,000 of those digitally.