THE world record for the largest pair of knitting needles has been broken by a former Wiltshire College student.

Betsy Bond, from Dauntsey Lock, made the 4.4-metre tall sculpture for the end of year exhibition at Wiltshire College last year and has now made it into the 2019 Guinness Book of World Records.

The 31-year-old, who is about to go into her second year of BA contemporary arts practice at Bath Spa University, said: “I looked up what the largest pair of knitting needles were and I came across the record and decided to go bigger.

“After our final year project we always have a final year show, and I thought if I ever did something that could draw attention to the college it was worth doing it.

“I found out in early December and I felt like ‘yes, they can’t take it back now’.

“ I had to keep quiet until the book came out but it is rather difficult to hide giant knitting needles.”

The record was previously set by Jim Bolin from the US in May 2013, with his needles measuring 3.98 metres long.