YOUNG people and organisations for young people in Chippenham are being encouraged to find out how the Local Youth Network could benefit them with activities they want to pursue.

On Saturday, (September 8), Chippenham Local Youth Network held a drop-in session for people of the town to find out what is already on offer and to tell the network what they want to see more of in Chippenham.

Young people, parents, providers and anyone interested in the community needs of the youth in the town were able to meet members of the Local Youth Network management group, share stories of successful youth projects and grant applications, find out what is available to them in the town and surrounding villages, and tell the group what they think there needs to be more of in Chippenham.

The aim on the Local Youth Network is to facilitate local youth activities and develop and enhance the groups or events young people want, and to provide grants to youth groups in the area.

Chairman of Chippenham Local Youth Network Group, Cllr Peter Hutton, said: “The whole point is to get the message across of what we are about, promote what we do, and for community groups to see what opportunities there are.

“The Local Youth Network gets grant applications in, or we come up with ideas.

“It is the children that decide what they want in the town. For example children wanted a zip wire, so the zip wire at Monkton Park is funded by the Local Youth Network. Kids wanted more outdoor activities.

“It is a case of identifying the needs and trying to deliver it. It might be putting groups together saying you can all contribute to this project and deliver it.

“We are supporting a number of projects. It isn’t just sport, it is music, arts, mental health.”

To find out more about the Chippenham Local Youth Network, contact Cllr Hutton on

The Local Youth Network Group recently funded ten places on a six-week performance project for 15-18 year olds who want to work with professionals to create original work called Making Waves, starting on Thursday at The Cause 4.45-6.45pm. For more information, please call Laura on 07850893283.