AFTER hours of skipping, Darren King, 40, from Worton, was broke the Guinness World Record of ‘Most skips by an individual in eight hours’.

Personal trainer, Mr King completed 59,916 skips in an attempt to smash the record while raising £5,000 for Prostate Cancer UK at MPFC gym, Manton. He plans to set a new record early next year, for the most skips in 12 hours, and so far he has completed 10 hours in training. The skipping can affect him physically as well as mentally for which he has practised coping mechanisms.

Mr King, said: “It is the mind that is affected as well as the body. The challenge can affect me mentally too. I have overcome several obstacles so far.”

He added: “I am making sure each hour my brain is occupied such as the second hour I would listen to music and in the third hour I would perhaps watch a film, and so on”.

Mr King would like any leisure centre interested in hosting his 12-hour challenge to get in touch.

His sponsors included those such as Sherbourne Developments as well as family, friends and clients.

To donate to Prostate Cancer UK for Mr King's challenge, visit