PEOPLE took the opportunity to have free entrance to some of the most historic buildings in Wiltshire on Saturday as part of heritage open days.

In Devizes the Masonic Hall was one of the most visited buildings with more than 140 people eager to get some inside information on what is regarded by many as a secret organisation known for strange handshakes and rolled up trouser legs.

Bill Hicks from the Devizes Masonic Association was on had to give guided tours. He said: "This year was once again very successful as far as we are concerned and saw somewhere in the region of about 140 visitors to our Lodge.

"We had a very steady flow from 10am until 3.15pm keeping all of our guides busy and well employed. "There were lots of questions from many people, most of which we were able to answer to their satisfaction.

"They were also quite intrigued to see the large interior of what from the outside looks a very bland, boring building, which hides quite a rich collection of artefacts and historical records of our Town."

In Devizes the day was organised by The Trust For Devizes. Philippa Morgan from the trust said: "The day went very well with a steady flow of visitors to all the venues."

Another popular place to visit was Wiltshire Museum in Long Street which was free to enter for the day. People had the chance to see a number of exhibits including The Blacksmiths' Art by John Girvan.

Historian Mr Girvan was also on hand to show people around the Lock Up at the Town Hall which dates from 1806 and was used to lock up troublemakers over night.

Churches of St John's, St James', St Peter's and St Mary's were also open.