THE death of young mum Karly Heweson has spurred Devizes Town Council to call for urgent action to be taken to improve safety at Prison Bridge.

Miss Heweson, 21, died when a car went out of control and crashed through the bridge barriers late on August 27.

On Tuesday town councillors heard an impassioned plea for safety measures to be introduced by Richard Jeans who lives in Bath Road.

He said: "I am frightened that these accidents are going to keep on happening. I hear the speed of traffic every day from my house. It is only time before there is another tragedy."

He called for traffic calming, signs and a higher police presence in Bath Road, particularly on the long straight stretch near the old St Peter's primary school.

In recent years there have been two other fatal crashes at Prison Bridge. In April, 2012 Stuart Hughes, 25, from South Wales died when a car he was driving hit the bridge at high speed.

In July, 2014 Charlie Sherman, 23, died when he lost control of his motorbike and collided with a bus.

Police Sgt Peter Foster said the accident involving Karly was still under investigation and he could not comment on what had caused the crash but he said he was wanted to work with the town council to help improve safety.

He suggested the town council should set up a community Speedwatch scheme that would allow volunteers to monitor traffic in Bath Road using handheld speed cameras.

Town councillors paid their condolences to the family of Miss Heweson, who had a young son JJ, and decided to ask Wiltshire Council and the Community Area Transport Group to look at a full range of safety measures that can be introduced quickly to the road.

Councillors suggested large signs to warn drivers of previous accidents and asked Sgt Foster if it was possible for a police car to be positioned regularly on Bath Road to do speed checks.

Deputy Mayor Judy Rose, who lives near to Bath Road, said: "We need more enforcement with fines."

Cllr Albert Wooldridge said: "Most of these people speeding are local people. They take no notice of the 30MPH limit. If it was strangers who don't know the bridge it might be different."

Cllr Ray Parsons said: "This was such a tragic thing to happen. Massive signs should be considered and also a severe speed limit of 20MPH."

But Sgt Foster and others said that as Bath Road was a main arterial route it would not be possible to lower the limit further.