Jockey Andrew Ball has won an £85,000 payout for an injury that put an end to his career.

Mr Ball, from Chiminage Close, Marlborough, won the compensation from the insurers for Lockeridge trainer Heidi Sweeting.

He was working at her 20-horse yard when he was kicked by one of the horses. It caught him on his lower leg fracturing his tibia.

Despite extensive surgery the injury brought Mr Ball's racing career to a premature end.

The 40-year-old had followed his late father Alan into racing.

His career had taken him all over Britain and also to Germany.

Local law firm Withy King's racing and bloodstock team got a settlement for the personal injury case on behalf of the father of two.

Recurring weakness in his leg has prevented him from riding again.

He had a second stroke of bad luck, completely unconnected with the riding injury, while he was recovering from his broken leg.

As he was walking home across The Green in Marlborough late at night he was struck in the face by an airgun pellet.

The pellet was embedded in his cheek just millimetres from his eye and he needed surgery to remove it.

Solicitor Richard Brooks who pressed his compensation claim said: "His settlement takes into account the fact that he has a permanent disability which means he can't continue with his chosen career.

"It also reflects the impact the injury has had on his likely future earnings," explained Mr Brooks, a specialist racing and bloodstock lawyer.

"The law concerning animal accidents means that, luckily, he did not have to point the finger of blame at the trainer of the horse, who in this case, was very generous following the accident.

"This is a large compensation award, but Mr Ball is significantly out of pocket as a result of his injury and it was right that he received compensation."

Mr Ball, who is currently retraining as a chef, said: "My family and I have been through hell but now have some security for the future."

Mr Ball was formerly apprenticed with the late Jeremy Tree in Beckhampton and also worked for Peter Makin in Marlborough and Matt McCormack in Sparsholt.