MY best moment on a netball court came when my school team was winners of the U13 Kington Upon Thames borough cup back in 1967.

My worst moment came 20 years ago when I broke my ankle playing for Devizes. That experience which laid me up for six weeks was enough to finish my netballing career.

But on Wednesday I returned to Devizes Leisure Centre for a rather different netball experience. Walking Netball is one of a number of walking sports being championed by Wiltshire Council and is growing fast.

The rules are similar to the usual game but of course you can’t run - or jump. This meant that it took me a while to adjust but I was amazed at how quickly some people can walk.

This is definitely not a stroll more like those Olympic walkers who swing their hips and arms to go at a frighteningly quick pace.

On Wednesday luckily 14 ladies, all of a certain age like me, turned up to play which meant we had exactly the right number for two teams. This along with the positions and the bibs had not changed in 20 years.

We started with a gently warm up under instruction from volunteer Sasha Berry and then did some ball skills to help us all get to know each other. Everyone was welcoming and encouraged each other.

In the second part of the evening we played a game and that is when people’s true colours came out. I, and a couple of others, found it hard not to be competitive while most were happy to just take part and get some exercise.

The match itself was great fun and you certainly work up a sweat.

Walking Netball is held in Devizes on Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm and there are five other sessions across Wiltshire with new ones launching in Calne and Marlborough in September. For information go to