OVER 50 children came to the Stonebridge Wild River Reserve in Marlborough with their families for the day where they were taught about conservation at the river summer school run by the Rivers Trust for the Kennet catchment and Action for the River Kennet charity.

Families learned about effects of using too much water as well as how to be more water smart, with the overall goal of keeping the River Kennet flowing.

ARK Project Officer Anna Forbes said “The day was a big success, lots of local children enjoying themselves whilst finding out about their local river and what they can do to make sure it remains healthy.”

Another free River School day will be running on Saturday (August 18), with activities in the river between 10am-3.30pm.

There will also be two opportunities over the morning to participate in a guided bird watching activity in the water meadow which is jointly owned by ARK and Marlborough Town Council.

Children attending the River School must be accompanied by a responsible adult.