A Devizes-based food firm has compiled a tongue in cheek guide that claims to be able to match a type of person with their favourite sandwich.

Gibsons Foods says there is a hidden sandwich language lurking behind every bready purchase.

And the food manufacturer, which has been making sandwiches for 30 years, has even commissioned psychologist Eve Oldfield to help reveal what triggers people's choices in this, the 245th anniversary year of the humble snack.

Eve explains: "Your sub-conscious emotions are regularly revealed by your personal choices, and your innermost desires can easily be reflected in your food choices."

Here's a translation of what your sandwich is really saying about you:

  • Hard cheeses stand for sensible, no-nonsense and realistic. A sandwich made with just hard cheese indicates that the person is capable of enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Celebrity type: Michael Palin
  • Soft cheeses, such as Brie, reveal a desire for social advancement. Celebrity type: Ziggy from Big Brother
  • Pepperoni, sausage, pastrami, wurst and similar processed sausage meats indicate a desire to travel. Celebrity type: Richard Branson
  • Prawns are an indication of an adrenalin-junkie and a need for excitement. Celebrity type: Lewis Hamilton
  • Ham indicates rationality. Celebrity type: Jeremy Paxman
  • Cucumber is a sign of respectability and decorum - hence the popularity of the cucumber sandwich in Victorian times. Celebrity type: Kate Middleton The first written record of the word "sandwich" appeared in a journal by English author, Edward Gibbons, in 1762 as it was in that year a private gentleman's gaming club in London created the quick snack for the Earl of Sandwich, enabling him to hold his cards and eat in tandem.

The snack in question has ever since been named after the Earl.

Emma Herring from Gibsons Foods feels Eve's research may have actually highlighted a 2007 trend.

"We regularly listen to our customers to understand their changing tastes and develop new products accordingly," she said.

"With such a lousy summer, it now makes sense why we have sold so many sausage-based sandwiches!"