OWNER of a Calne-based business has expressed her disappointment at Wiltshire Council after she received a parking ticket while unloading stock from her car in the service area behind her salon.

Helen Massimo, of HM Hairdressing on Wood Street was handed the ticket after stopping for eight minutes to unload a chair for the waiting area and two crates of water on July 25 from her car.

In May, businesses not tenants of Wiltshire Council were told they could no longer park in the North Service area behind their buildings, including staff at HM Hairdressing, but were told they would be allowed to load and unload stock from their vehicles in the service yard.

Ms Massimo, 32, said: “We are allowed to load and unload our vehicles, but on July 25 I was given a ticket while unloading my vehicle.

“I had been eight minutes and he man who gave me a ticket said eight minutes was too long.

“I can’t walk straight in and out, and I can’t stop out at the front of the salon because it has double yellow lines.

“At the end of the day it is affecting our business as I am blocking out time to find somewhere to park my vehicle.”

She is also still annoyed that they are not allowed to park in the service area, instead having to park up to 15 minutes away, arguing that there is plenty space for other people to park there.

“I am booking an hour out of my salon so I can make sure we have enough stock as I need to get there, drop off what I need, get back to the car and find somewhere to park all day.

“Fair enough they changed the rules, but they need to inform staff adequately or tell us what they think is a reasonable time to load and unload.

“They need to give us leeway, it is something that needs to be cleared up."

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council, said: "We not that the lady has challenged the parking notice and the appeals team will respond to her within 14 days.

"Some of the adjoining occupiers who are not tenants of Wiltshire Council, do still have the right to use the yard for loading and unloading."