WHEN policewoman Emma Brown was diagnosed with ovarian cancer aged 39, she thought that she would never be able to start a family.

However, against all the odds, Miss Brown and partner Justin Kimber welcomed baby Ayah, meaning miracle, into the world 12 weeks ago.

Now the couple have personally thanked the man whose work on IVF treatment meant that they could still start a family despite the cancer diagnosis.

The new family met Lord Robert Winston, known as the father of IVF, when he spoke to the town during the Marlborough College summer school on Tuesday evening.

In December 2014 Miss Brown went to hospital after noticing she had lost her appetite and suffered from back pain. When doctors examined her they discovered a tumour the size of a rugby ball and she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Devastated at the news, Miss Brown was offered a round of emergency IVF in Oxford, where one of her eggs was frozen.

She embarked on chemotherapy, and four years later decided now was the right time to try for a baby. Miss Brown, of St Margaret’s Mead, said: “They froze it for four years until we decided that physically and mentally we were ready as it is a huge strain on your body and mental state. We went into the experience with no expectation but we knew that if it didn’t work out that would be our only chance to have a baby. We weren’t expecting anything but Against all the odds I became pregnant and nine months later our Ayah arrived. She is our miracle.

“People see cancer as a negative thing but for me it has created some happy and amazing opportunities through my fundraising. To have the opportunity to meet Robert Wiston and say thank you for what he has done for us is something I couldn’t miss. He must be aware of how happy he has made people and I always planned on sending him a photo and a letter to thank him but then this opportunity came up to meet him.” I am aware it takes a team of people to make it happen but he really it the figure head of IVF.”

Miss Brown is a police officer in Swindon and Mr Kimber watch manager at Marlborough fire station.