EAGLE-EYED viewers and fans of 18th-century brooding BBC drama Poldark may have recognised some familiar settings in the last four episodes.

Some fans who spotted a Doric Temple on the other side of the lake in episode seven (July 22), might question Hyde Park being the location of the cut-throat duel, which also appeared in a flashback on Sunday night’s screening.

Yet it was Bowood House and Gardens in fact, which was used as the bucolic Hyde Park.

In episode seven, peace was disturbed by pistols at dawn during a lakeside duel between Ross Poldark and Monk Adderley, who were both shot but Poldark survived to live another day.

In this penultimate episode the lake at Bowood features as the backdrop for the nail-biting duel between Poldark and Adderley which started with the attempted seduction of Demelza by Adderley, resulting in a showdown where the men walked 14 paces from each other and fired.

Two more familiar aspects of Bowood could be seen in episode six, shown on July 15.

Poldark is seen arriving at one property, and the exterior is that of the Upper Terrace fronting Bowood House, and another building’s entrance hall is portrayed by Robert Adam’s Orangery, which in reality is only a step indoors from the Upper Terrace.

Filming took place over two days at Bowood last October.

The scenes were set close to the lake where a swan-shaped boat is seen with characters enjoying rides across the water.

While the area was roped off from the public, some visitors were intrigued by what they could see from a distance.

Amy Nutland, of Bowood Estate, said: “Bowood’s stately beauty came over on the programme wonderfully and it was very exciting to see the parkland and the House appearing in the plot in a number of different ways.

“Filming took place in an area well away from the public so it wasn’t intrusive for visitors.”