POLICE patrols have been increased in Coopers Meadow in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area, after litter was strewn around.

A Marlborough officer spent over an hour clearing up beer bottles, cans, sweet and crisps wrappers last Thursday and urged people to clear up after themselves in green areas around the town.

He was praised for his actions on social media, as residents called for those who had left the mess to be more considerate of their surroundings.

Amanda Cramsie-Smith commented: “We can all do our bit, but it’s so disheartening when you clear up and the next time you return the situation is as bad or worse.

“Respect for the environment, and other people, is a fundamental lesson that should begin at home.”

Chris Strong commented: “I’m always picking up other people’s rubbish when out with my dog in Stonebridge Meadow. Always worse this time of year. Loads of dog mess too.

“You know that thing at the moment about every time you go to the beach you pick up three pieces of litter? Well, how about picking up one bit of litter when you’re out and about? Doesn’t have to be much, a plastic bottle, a can, a plastic bag, it all helps.”

Mayor Lisa Farrell said: “This is an issue which I previously brought up in a meeting with the crime commissioner but it is an ongoing and wider issue.

“There have been increased amounts of litter in the Priory Gardens and the recreational grounds. Everyone needs to do their bit and pick up rubbish if they see it, even if it isn’t theirs.

“If everyone did this then the town would be a much nicer place to live in and we would be helping the environment.

“Leaving rubbish and glass like this is dangerous as lots of dogs are walked in Coopers Meadow.”

“I cannot thank the police enough, they are under-staffed as it is.”