DINOSAURS and other ancient animals were brought to life at Ramsbury school after children received a visit from Professor Kevin Foster to talk about the historic beasts.

Children were enthralled as they got the chance to see replica fossils close up and hear from the professor of zoology at Oxford University about how animals would have lived thousands of years ago. As well as being keen to find out how fish outdated dinosaurs and how evolution links birds to dinosaurs, pupils wanted to find out how archaeologists piece together their findings.

Year five pupil Kitty said, “We found out about how chickens and birds are actually dinosaurs. I didn’t get how this could be, at first, but then we matched all the similarities together, and then I could see. It was incredible.”

The talk launched the beginning of the school’s science week and science subject leader and year three teacher, Abi Creed said: "It was wonderful to have such an eminent scientist to come in and talk to the children to launch our outdoor learning/science week."