BASTILLE Day celebrations brought 18th century France to life in Ramsbury School on July 14, as pupils dressed up to learn about French history and culture.

Pupils from all years became aristocrats or peasants or in the Tricolore sporting red, white and blue and spent the whole day living and learning about the history of the country.

Amongst Eiffel Tower building and flag painting, children learnt about the storming of Bastille Prison in 1789 and how it became a symbol of the revolution.

Emily Travis from the school said: “All children at the primary school learn French for half an hour a week. Children not only learn the language in class but also about the French culture and way of life, and the Bastille Day celebrations will bring their studies to life.”

Even the national anthem was sung and compared against the English national anthem and the day closed with a rousing Tricolore-waving rendition of the Marseillaise with the whole school involved.