CHIPPENHAM’S very own Litter Hero has been chosen as one of 100 super volunteers nationwide for her work inspiring others to take pride in where they live.

Elaine Massung, 36, of Portal Close, is the co-founder of Off The Ground, a community initiative in Chippenham set up three years ago, with the ultimate aim of getting rid of litter thrown on the ground so that it then blows away and gets stuck in hedgerows by either removing it, or preventing it from being discarded in the first place.

She has been chosen as one of the first 100 Keep Britain Tidy #LitterHeroes ambassadors, all down to her passion, enthusiasm and plans to keep the environment clean and tidy.

Dr Massung, a robotics portfolio manager at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in Swindon, has big plans for improving the town she calls home.

Already busy running Off The Ground and local campaigns such as Love Chippenham, she aims to expand by kickstarting more groups and getting more people involved.

“Litter might seem like a small problem, but its impact can be enormous, from the cost to clean it up, to the toll it takes on our wildlife,” Dr Massung explained.

“As a #LitterHero ambassador I do hope to do more within my community to not only help raise awareness of this often unseen price tag, but also empower residents to share their potential solutions to the problem.

“It is only by engaging with people and encouraging behaviour change that we can actually stop litter from being dropped in the first place.

“I felt because we have been doing so much in Chippenham over the last few years it would be good for us to learn more about what others across the country are doing.

“We want people to take pride in their community and get involved trying to prevent litter in the first place. Litter picking isn’t a solution to the problem, it is mitigation.

Keep Britain Tidy’s chief executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: “While we should all care fore the environment on our doorstep, there are some people who go above and beyond, supporting and inspiring others with their passion and infectious enthusiasm.”

Organised by Keep Britain Tidy, the scheme is backed by the People’s Postcode Lottery which has funded it, helping to create a network of super volunteers.